Kianna Cooks

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Kianna Cooks is a 13 year old up and coming actress, dancer, model and producer, whose true passion is in acting. Her goal is to have a career that follows in the footsteps of those who follow who inspire her like entertainer Bruno Mars, actor Dwayne Johnson and talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey.


Kianna loves Broadway and Film Acting and aspires to have a successful career in both. She dreams of working for Disney, Nickelodeon and Paramount. She also hopes to experience working as a radio host one day. 


Kianna has been dancing, acting and modelling professionally for 3 years. And takes classes in several genres, including but not limited to hip hop, tap, and jazz. She trains at both Treasure Box Studios and Pas De Deux. Kianna hosts and produces a teen talk show on Olelo TV, channel 56 called Teen Talk, a segment she will be adding into the For Kids By Kids variety program.

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