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Angel Nalani Guerrero is best known for being a young visionary.  In 2013 she brought to fruition a concept that, in 2018, became a non-profit outreach for disadvantaged and homeless girls within the Hawaiian Islands.  Her innovation of Angel’s Traveling Tea Party has brought a joyful, interactive experience that has transformed young hearts by instilling confidence and self-love in young girls across Oahu, HI.

In 2016, her own sense of self-worth and confidence provided a vehicle for her to compete in the Little Miss United States National Pageant in which she received the Title and Crown.  This honor catapulted her reach further into the community to make a difference through her non-profit as well as with her vocal and instrumental talents. She has performed for several organizations to bring joy into people’s lives. Angel has been known to use her public speaking skills and reach out to United Airlines General Manager in Honolulu to raise money for an entrepreneurial program she was involved in after school.  She raised $100.00 and amenity kits for homeless.

Along with her success as a public speaker, Angel has been crafting her skill as an actress, and singer.  She has played lead and supporting roles for Pact’s Aladdin and The Little Mermaid as well as Applause Academy’s Annie and The Chipmunks.  Angel’s latest accomplishment is becoming a media correspondent for the Dawn Reese-Hollywood Connections radio and television show on Tan Talk Network and VH2.TV.  Her concierge segment exposes what’s happening within the Hawaiian Islands to 18 million viewers across the nation. Angel’s passion and heart for the community also includes a project that encompasses community service and building young girls called Princess Productions. While Angel works alongside co-founder, Rylee Brooke, Angel is responsible for managing and running the entity, Princess Productions is A You Tube channel that focuses on pageant girls and the extraordinary work they are doing in the community.

Angel is passionate and tenacious about advocating and using her voice to help other girls her age. When Angel grows up, she dreams of going to Harvard and becoming the first Women  President and encouraging other young girls that have gone through challenging circumstance as herself, to never give up on their DREAMS. Her goal is to impact her community and setting an example that no matter your age you can make a difference and accomplish anything. She envisions a world where empowered young girls voice themselves in a passionate, confidante manner.

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